Tower & Mobile Crane Operators

Posted:  Feb 5 2021

Full time

Job Description

Are you tired of moving from city to city, job to job? Look no further! Riverside Concrete Forming is seeking full time, permanent mobile & tower crane operators. As a member of the Union, you will have steady work year-round within London and surrounding area.


  • Pension
  • Life and Health Benefits
  • Work year-round; projects in place for the next 10+ years
  • Double-time rate after 8-hours of daily work
  • $100/month discount off any Drewlo apartment
  • $20,000 discount off the purchase of an Ironstone home**Conditions apply

Key Responsibilities:

· Comply with all safety policies and procedures

· Determine crane configuration; assist in the erection and dismantling of crane when required

· Complete daily inspection of crane mechanisms and lifting accessories and monitor the crane performance on an ongoing basis to prevent malfunctions and damage

· Clean, lubricate and maintain mechanisms such as cables, pulleys and grappling devices

· Mechanical ability to make minor repairs when necessary

· Inspect cables and grappling devices for wear and install or replace cables as needed

· Determine weight loads and check them against lifting capacities to prevent overload

· Communicate with workers on the ground in a clear manner using both radio and hand communication

· Have the ability to problem solve and handle high stress situations in a professional manner

· Ability to work independently as well as with team members

· Experience operating mobile and truck mount cranes is considered an asset

Job Requirements

· Tower Crane (339B) Journeyperson in good standing with Ontario College of Trades (OCOT)

· Must hold a valid class one drivers license

· Mobile Crane (339A or 339C) Journeyperson in good standing with OCOT 

· Must understand the functions and limitations of the crane

· Staying alert and maintain a high level of concentration

· Represent the company, resolving customer concerns and keeping a positive attitude