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Fallowfield Towers: Family-Friendly Apartment Rentals in Kitchener

Jun 30,  2020

Conveniently located just minutes from downtown Kitchener, Fallowfield Towers is the perfect place to call home! See our current vacancies below:  101 Fallowfield | Photos & more info here CALL (365) 801-4340 to book an appointment  1 bedroom + den apartments from $1716/month 2 bedroom + den apartments from $1904/month 121 Fallowfield | Photos & more info here CALL (226) 400-4227 to book an appointment  1 bedroom +...

Tour Our 2 Bedroom Rental Apartments In North London

Jun 16,  2020

Join us as we take a tour of our 2 bedroom apartment at South Carriage Place. Like what you see? Book a Virtual Appointment today! 2 bedroom apartments get ONE MONTH FREE! 🏒 South Carriage Place πŸ“ 250 South Carriage Rd. (Hyde Park) πŸ“² Call to book a Virtual Appointment (226) 773-1499 3D tours here: https://bit.ly/36fKUOQ Starting at $1758/month Get more details here. 

Tour Our 3 Bedroom Rental Apartments In North London

Jun 1,  2020

Join us as we take a tour of our 3 bedroom apartment at Waterdale Walk II. Like what you see? Book a Virtual Appointment today! 3 bedroom apartments get ONE MONTH FREE! 🏒 Waterdale Walk II πŸ“ 2250 Blackwater Rd. (Adelaide & Sunningdale) πŸ“² Call to book a Virtual Appointment (226) 212-7944 Get more details here. 

Drewlo Holdings Gives $40,000 to Habitat for Humanity

Apr 23,  2020

During these uncertain times it is more important than ever that people have access to safe housing. Drewlo Holdings is proud to announce a $40,000 donation to four Habitat for Humanity chapters across Southwestern Ontario. In addition to offering financial support to their residents, our friends at Habitat for Humanity Heartland Ontario have distributed over 2000 masks and PPE items, 1300 knapsacks of craft supplies for local children, and 4500 bags of dog food to local food banks and...

Drewlo Holdings 3D Tours!

Mar 30,  2020

For anyone searching for a new rental apartment during this public health pandemic, we have 3D tours online that allow you virtually walk-through our apartments.  🏒 Waterdale Walk II πŸ“ 2250 Blackwater Rd. (Adelaide & Sunningdale) London, ON πŸ“² For more information call (226) 212-7944 3D Tours Here 🏒 South Carriage Place πŸ“ 250 South Carriage Rd. (Hyde Park) London, ON πŸ“² For more information call (226) 773-1499 3D Tours Here Please note: As a...


Mar 25,  2020

ALL COVID-19 RELATED UPDATES POSTED BELOW Stay safe everyone! _________________________________________________ March 24, 2020 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Drewlo Holdings has decided to shut down all non-essential operations. This decision was not made lightly, however as a responsible corporate citizen we must do the right thing and assist in helping flatten the curve. We feel this is the best decision to protect the health and safety of our staff, residents, and community. If...

Energy Saving Contest: Kilowatt Cup Winner Announced

Feb 12,  2020

  πŸŽ‰ Congratulations to our Kilowatt Cup winner Jim πŸŽŠ After recently completing renovations at our downtown London location, Kingswell Towers, our friends at Nerva Energy ran a friendly competition to see who could save the most energy. Jim and his wife, Cindy, won the $1000 prize! Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to Jim & Cindy! They saved energy by keeping an eye on the thermostat and diligently turning the lights off...

Share your #DrewloLiving Selfie & Win a Dyson!

Jul 9,  2019

Share your #DrewloLiving photos for a chance to win a Dyson! Post a photo of yourself enjoying your apartment or your building's amenities for a chance to win a Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum! 

Tag Drewlo Holdings and use the hashtag #DrewloLiving! 

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London & Area Works Job Fair

Apr 11,  2019

Drewlo Holdings is hiring! We're looking for handy, skilled & hard-working candidates that don't mind getting their hands dirty.   Positions we are hiring for: General Labour Handypersons Site Superintendents Landscaping Crew Leaders & Labourers Plumbers HVAC Technicians Building Superintendents  Renovation Contractors Junior Mechanic View our full list of positions here... When & Where: Come meet us at the London &...

Top Apartments in Kitchener, Ontario

Apr 4,  2019

These are our Top Apartments in Kitchener, Ontario

Whether you're a college student looking to live in the heart of the downtown scene, a family looking to be close to schools and amenities, or empty nesters looking for somewhere peaceful to call home, view one of our Top Apartments in Kitchener, Ontario


Tenant Tip Tuesday: Pool Etiquette

Jul 12,  2018

One of the best parts of living at a Drewlo building is the access to top-notch amenities. What better way to cool off this summer than by using the swimming pool at your building? While enjoying both the indoor and outdoor amenities, we ask that you're always considerate of other swimmers and that you follow these simple pool rules. 1. Know your pool's operating hours        To ensure your safety we ask that residents only use the pool while building...

Tenant Tip Tuesday: Decorating Your Balcony

Jun 11,  2018

  Summer is here and it's time to make your balcony a little oasis in the city! Extend your living space to the outdoors by following these tips, and make your own safe and beautiful sanctuary in the sky.  1. Go green Add some colour to your balcony with low maintenance plants like Marigolds, Chrysanthemums, and Ferns. You won't have to water them everyday which is good for you, and also good for your neighbours living...

Tenant Tip Tuesday: Drains

Jun 4,  2018

  Not all liquids should be poured down the drain. Some liquids can create disastrous problems for building pipes and the environment. It is important to be aware of what you are pouring down your sink and shower drains, and even what you flush down your toilet. Wondering if you have a clogged pipe? Typical symptoms include a smell coming from the drain, water draining slowly or even backing up with sewer waste. Please let your building manager know right away when you...

Tenant Tip Tuesday: Temperatures

May 8,  2018

Summer has arrived, and with it comes the heat. Thankfully, your Drewlo apartment is equipped with a chiller.* Your building uses a chiller to cool the building and a hot water boiler to heat it. However, these systems are mutually exclusive which means they cannot operate at the same time. It takes a couple weeks to switch over from one system to the other. We are currently proceeding to prepare to have the chillers operational and shut down the boilers.  All building...

Earth Day 2018

Apr 22,  2018

  We're Conserving Energy in our Buildings! We're celebrating Earth Day this year at each of our apartment buildings! This year we managed to change 224 471 CFL light bulbs to LED Lighting. That change helped conserve more than 1 million watts in energy!  Additionally, we changed our parking lot lighting fixtures to LED fixtures that consume less than half the amount of energy! Let us know what you'd like to see us do next year by sending your suggestions to...

Tenant Tip Tuesday: Cigarettes

Apr 17,  2018

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash It is important to NEVER dispose cigarettes off your balcony.  If you choose to smoke on your balcony, use an ashtray and either bring the ashtray inside or cover it so the wind does not blow the ashes and butts off your balcony. Discarding cigarettes off the balcony, on the ground or on someone else's property is littering and it can be dangerous. Cigarettes that are still burning can melt plastic & are often the cause of balcony...

President and founder of Drewlo Holdings, Eugen Drewlo, passes away at 86

Apr 10,  2018

  Eugen Drewlo provided homes to thousands of Ontarians since 1958.  We are deeply saddened to announce that Eugen Drewlo passed away on Friday, March 30. Behind all of Drewlo Holdings' achievements was Eugen's vision and drive. Since founding the company in 1958, Eugen constructed numerous landmarks across Southwestern Ontario and provided homes to thousands of residents, but Eugen's greatest love was his family. He is survived by his son, Allan. Our hearts go...

Tenant Tip Tuesday: Door Safety

Apr 3,  2018

  "We take our residents' safety very seriously"   It is important to NEVER open the door for strangers. We take our residents' safety very seriously here at Drewlo and we want to keep you, your fellow residents, and your possessions secure.    Please do not feel you are being rude by not allowing strangers into your building. Letting people you do not know or have not seen before into a building can be a major safety issue....

Tenant Tip Tuesday: Moving Day Tips

Mar 13,  2018

Photo Courtesy of Freepik The amazing day has come, you received your acceptance call for your new apartment. It's a hectic and exciting time! Here at Drewlo we want to make the move as smooth as possible. Here are a few tips that will make the move a piece of cake. Moving Day Tips: Get in contact with the building manager as soon as possible to book the elevator. This will help avoid someone else booking the elevator on the days that work for you. Schedule &...

Tenant Tip Tuesday: Garbage Room Etiquette

Feb 27,  2018

Living in an apartment definitely has benefits! With our busy lifestyles remembering garbage day is another thing to add to our ever growing to-do list. At Drewlo we would like to make the process of removing your trash seamless, but we do need your help! Garbage Room Etiquette Tips: Every floor in our buildings is equipped with a garbage chute – this makes it easy to dispose of a full trash can without having to travel too far with what could be a heavy or stinky trash...

Waterdale Walk Construction

Feb 1,  2018

Have you driven passed the Waterdale Walk Construction? Our newest property on the North Side of London is moving along nicely. We anticipate that this Luxury Rental Building will be completed by Spring 2018. Suites will include features like in-suite laundry, dishwashers, stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops, tiled backsplashes and much more! We owe a big thank you to all the contractors that are helping us build the Waterdale Walk community. One of the larger projects for...

Tenant Tips: Maintenance of your Fridge

Jan 30,  2018

  The fridge is probably the most used appliance in your apartment, it also is at fault for using the most energy than any other appliance. There are a few things you can do as needed to help maintain your Fridge while also keeping down the energy consumption. Check out these 4 tips on how to care for your fridge: 1. Clean off the condenser coils Condenser coils are responsible for removing heat from refrigerators and freezers. They're the large, radiator-like coils located...

Tenant Tips: Patching Nail Holes in Drywall

Jan 9,  2018

Here are Drewlo we encourage you to personalize your unit. Hanging your favourite photos & art can be easily done using picture hanging nails (check the load capacity of the nails to ensure they can hold the weight of your picture). Whenever you decide to reposition your photos you can easily patch the holes in the wall using these steps: What you'll need: Wall Scraper, Drywall Sanding Block, Drywall Patching Spackle, Paint Brush & Wall Paint Here's what to...

Downtown London Ontario Apartments

Nov 27,  2017

Are you looking for Downtown London Ontario Apartments? This article is for you. Living in the heart of the city can be affordable. Be close to Restaurants, Stores, Entertainment & everything downtown London has to offer. Each building is packed with amenities like Fitness Centres, Indoor Pools, Saunas, Covered Parking & Secured Access.

Drewlo Buildings Perfect for Western Students

Nov 27,  2017

  You're a Western student and you're looking for an affordable place to live. Take a look at the Drewlo buildings close to the University or at most one bus away. Each building is packed with amenities and some are steps away to grocery stores and restaurants. We have 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedrooms available at different times of year. Keep checking with us to hear about upcoming availability by emailing rental@drewloholdings.com or the listed building...

Tenant Tips: Caring for your en suite Washer and Dryer

Nov 21,  2017

  Caring for your en suite Washer and Dryer Maintenance of your washer and dryer every few months will lead to your clothes coming out cleaner. After many loads of laundry, the inside of your washing machine can get built up residues of dirt and detergent. The inside of your dryer can also get a buildup of lint, dust and dirt.   Here are a few tips for cleaning your washer and dryer. 1.    Clean the outside of your washer and dryer with a damp...

Tenant Tip Tuesday: Prevent Condensation Buildup in Windows

Nov 7,  2017

  Winter is coming! Time to get warm and cozy up with a good book or catch up on Netflix! However, as you turn up the heat in your apartment be mindful of the condensation that builds up on your windows. That condensation is caused by the humidity in your apartment. Continuous condensation in your windows will eventually lead to water damage and mold at the base of your window.    Here's what you can do to prevent condensation build up in your...

Tenant Tip Tuesday: Removing Buildup in the Bathroom

Oct 17,  2017

    Buildup happens – especially in the bathroom, due to high moisture. That's why its important to do a routine clean of the bathroom and other areas in your apartment that may see build up, such as windows. We found a cost-effective home remedy to clean and remove the unwanted moisture buildup.  Start by having a clean reused or unused spray bottle on hand to mix up the remedy as well as a toothbrush for getting to the tough and hard to clean spots...

Newest addition at Collegeview Commons

Sep 1,  2017

Who really wants to walk to school in the snow or rain? Our tenants at Collegeview Commons don't have to!  New this year at Collegeview Commons, a shuttle bus service to the Doon Campus. Students, be sure to check with the front desk staff for shuttle times, outings to other destinations, rules and policies. Happy studying! 

Tenant Tip Tuesday: Cooking Grease and Oil

Aug 15,  2017

We've all been there, cooked up a great meal but then now what to do with all of the grease and oil?  You have a few options, and none of them are pouring them down the sink! DO Disposable Cup or Tin Can A disposable cup or tin can is one of the easiest and most accessible solutions for many people.  Pour grease into the cup or tin, let it cool and solidify, and dispose with the rest of your waste. Reuse for later cooking In many culturally traditional meals, pork...

Top three student rental buildings in Southwestern Ontario

Aug 10,  2017

Still looking for that perfect place to call home for the new school year?  We've got you covered!  Here are 3 of our rental apartments close to post-secondary schools and all of the amenities you want and need!   Collegeview Commons Close to Conestoga College Doon Campus, this student only building offers dedicated study & group project spaces, lounging areas, a fully stocked fitness room, yoga/meditation spaces, and games room and theater!   The...

Tenant Tip Tuesday: Barbecue Safety

Jul 18,  2017

It's that time of the year when everyone loves to load up the grill with some great burgers and veggies! As with any cooking, safety and fire prevention should be front of mind.  In BBQ season, this also involves the care of propane tanks, grill, and other flammable materials.  Unfortunately grill fires do happen, and we'd like to remind our tenants to take precaution while cooking outdoors.  Here are a few of our favourite tips: Check with your building manager...

Never miss a package again!

Jun 26,  2017

Did you know that Canada Post parcel lockers are now available at select buildings?  Never miss a package again! Check with your building manager for parcel locker availability.

Tenant Tip Tuesday: Fire Safety

Jun 20,  2017

  Fire safety in residential apartment buildings has been pushed to the forefront of everyone's mind. The safety of our tenants is our utmost priority, that's why we ensure all of our buildings meet fire code including fire-stops and magnetic locking doors. *COVID-19 UPDATE: Do not microwave personal protective equipment (PPE) in an effort to decontaminate it. This is a fire hazard* Apartment fires can only be prevented by you, our tenants. Always be sure...

Drewlo Holdings coming to downtown Kitchener in 2018

Jun 12,  2017

Construction is about to start on Drewlo Holdings' latest project in the downtown core of Kitchener.  We're proud to be shaping the landscape of King Street East between Madison, Cameron, and Charles. This rental apartment building is in Kitchener's ever developing and changing core, minutes from the Kitchener Market and the variety of shopping and entertainment that downtown has to offer!  We're excited to provide this growing area with the touches that...

2017 Spring Cares Food Drive

May 5,  2017

Thank you to all of our London tenants for a huge donation again to the London Food Bank! With your help we donated a whopping 2800 pounds of non-perishable foods for those in need in our community. Our in house courier Pat with the 2800 pound donation to the Food Bank

You’re invited to our open house: Blythwood Place renting summer β€˜17

Apr 14,  2017

Come join us at our open house for our brand new luxury apartment building, Blythwood Place! Conveniently located in North West London, Blythwood Place features 1, 2, & 3 bedroom apartments, many of which also include dens. These modern, open concept units include luxury touches such as stainless steel appliances and quartz countertops. Rents will range from $1024 to $1732 and covered parking is available. Blythwood Place also features a salt water pool, gym, sauna, and hot tub...

Tenant Tip Tuesday: Granite

Mar 28,  2017

Spring has sprung!  It's time to open the windows, shake off the winter, and clean those things that sometimes get forgotten. Many of our apartment buildings feature luxury finishes like granite counter tops.  Here's some of our favourite tips on how to clean your counters. Warm water and mild soap will clean most common spills and messes Use a soft dish cloth soaked in the water and soap Dry using a micro fibre cloth to keep your counter looking brand...

Tenant Tip Tuesday: Moisture on your windows?

Jan 31,  2017

This time of year moisture on your windows can not only be an annoying problem, but lead to some larger problems down the road.  Here's some of our best humidity and window condensation reducing tips: Keep fans on when cooking, bathing or doing laundry Keep curtains open to allow warm air to circulate onto windows Keep bedroom doors open at night for air circulation Change your furnace filter every 6 months If you have any questions about reducing the humidity in your...

New Suites Styles at Windermere Place II!

Jan 9,  2017

Looking for quiet living in London's north end?  Look no further! We're happy to show off these recently renovated, new suite styles at Windermere Place II!  Located in a beautiful, park-like setting, these suites feature everything that you've come to love from Drewlo.  Granite counters, stainless steel appliances, and in suite laundry!  Additionally, Windermere Place II features indoor parking, an indoor saltwater pool, and fitness room.  This is rental...

7 best rental apartments for commuters in Kitchener, Ontario

Dec 12,  2016

Do you frequently commute on the 401, Highway 7 or Highway 8? Now you can save time by moving into a conveniently located luxury rental apartment in the City of Kitchener. Drewlo Holdings has several options for anyone looking to be close to major transportation routes in the Kitchener and Waterloo area.  1. Country Hill Estates Less than ten minutes to the 401 and about five minutes to Highway 7, Country Hill Estates is perfect for the frequent commuter...

Drewlo Holiday Lobby Contest: Vote for your favourite!

Dec 9,  2016

Spread some holiday cheer by helping one of our buildings win a prize for their tenant holiday party. Our building managers have put together festive looks for their lobbies and now you can choose which one is your favourite. Go to Facebook to vote for your preferred choice. The photo with the most 'likes' at 9AM on Monday, December 12 wins! Happy holidays!

5 best rental apartments with a view in London, Ontario

Dec 5,  2016

Looking for a rental apartment with a fantastic view? Drewlo Holdings has a number of high-rise apartment buildings in the city of London that boast spectacular views of the downtown core and surrounding forests. Whether you're looking for an urban setting or a country environment, we have something for you.  City Place II City Place II is one of London's tallest luxury residential buildings in the heart of the city. Enjoy exceptional panoramic views of downtown London...

Luxury rental suites London: Drone Flyover

Nov 25,  2016

Remember when it was 18 degrees and sunny last week? We captured the gorgeous day and our newest construction project with our handy drone. Waterdale Walk will feature two four-storey, luxury rental apartment buildings with great amenities all in the desirable Sunningdale community.  Located at 2230 & 2250 Blackwater Road, you're be close to everything you need including Masonville Mall, grocery stores, big-box stores, and the YMCA. Expected occupancy...

Concrete Wall Forming - Riverside Concrete Forming

Aug 8,  2016

  Concrete Wall Forming  Brand new EFCO Wall Forming used for Drewco Developments. Riverside Concrete Forming is thrilled to be the first company in Canada to use the 3100 EFCO Lites Wall & Column Forms. Uplands buildings will stand out in a great way, attracting many different clients due to their intricate designs. EFCO is a well known manufacturer for innovative concrete engineering & forming solutions. EFCO is a global industry leader in the concrete forming...

2230/2250 Blackwater Road

Aug 3,  2016

We're happy to announce that we've broken ground again in London!  This time, in London's growing north east -- Uplands. These two, 4-storey, luxury apartment rentals will feature many of the great touches and finishes that you've come to know and love from Drewlo Holdings.  With suites similar in style to those of our Capulet Towers buildings, you'll have all the room to live and grow!  Estimated to be ready for occupation in the Summer of 2017.

Best of London 2016

Feb 25,  2016

The London Free Press' Best of London 2016 results are out! Thanks London for voting us runner-up Rental Apartment Company.  We continue to strive to provide our tenants with the best luxury apartments in this city.  With fantastic support of our landscaping, maintenance, and head office teams, we hope to be number one in 2017!

VON SMART Exercise Groups are expanding!

Jul 7,  2015

We're happy to see the VON SMART (Seniors Maintaining Active Roles Together) Exercise classes growing!  Two new locations for VON SMART Exercise groups have recently been added.  Tenants of Lakeside Estates I & II meet on Tuesdays and Fridays at 1:30 PM in the community room at Lakeside Estates II!  Residents of Lakeside Estates III & IV meet on Mondays and Thursdays at 1:30 PM in the community room at Lakeside Estates IV!  Our senior communities at Windermere...

THRIVE model now open!

Jun 19,  2015

Drewlo Holdings is pleased to announce the opening of our brand new furnished model at Thrive! This brand new town home project features 3 + 1 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and luxury touches in hardwood flooring and granite counters, and stainless steel appliances. Visit your new home at 709 Freeport Street in London.  Open daily 11 AM - 5 PM, or by appointment.

Building Again!

May 22,  2015

We're happy to announce that we've broken ground for our newest luxury apartment building! This brand new, luxury apartment building will be at 810 Capulet Lane in London, Ontario.  New residents of this building will enjoy what the residents of our Beaverbook, Capulet, and Wonderland buildings have loved for years!  The growing north-west end of London is home to unique dining, entertainment, and shopping, with the added bonus of being a few minutes to Western University...

VON SMART Exercise Groups for Seniors

May 7,  2015

We're happy to have VON SMART (Seniors Maintaining Active Roles Together) Exercise classes at two of our apartment buildings!  VON SMART Exercise groups meet on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in the community room at Windermere Place III, and on Mondays and Wednesdays at Canterbury Place II!  We're happy to see our senior community embrace this program by the great staff of VON Canada. SMART Exercise classes offer our tenants aged 55+ a gentle, functional fitness class...

Sneak Peek! Newly renovated units at Oxford Park Towers!

Feb 27,  2015

Renovations are nearing completion on some suites at Oxford Park Towers in London! These newly renovated suites include new flooring through the entire unit, and new cabinetry and fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom!  Also, these units feature the addition of a dishwasher, as well as a new stove and refrigerator. These newly renovated suites will soon be move-in ready! 

THRIVE tentative occupancy date!

Feb 19,  2015

We are happy to announce a tentative occupancy date of our new THRIVE townhomes as June 1, 2015! Pricing details will be finalized and released in the next few weeks.

Fallowfield Towers III - MODEL SUITES OPEN OCTOBER 31!

Oct 30,  2014

Come see your new home at Fallowfield Towers III starting Friday, October 31st!  All of these luxury, rental apartment suites feature ensuite laundry, large, open concept suites, and stainless steel appliances. Our model suites will be open from 10M to 6PM daily, or by appointment made with the building managers. If you're still looking for a smoke-free option, have a look at Kitchener's first 100% smoke-free rental apartment building, Fallowfield Towers I!  Suites still...

Now Announcing - Fallowfield Towers III

Oct 29,  2014

We are happy to announce the launch of our newest building in Kitchener! Fallowfield Towers III at 121 Fallowfield Drive, features large, open concept suite styles, including many with dens. Additionally, all suites feature stainless steel appliances! Open house details will follow later this week, and pricing shortly after. Occupancy for floors 1 through 6 is expected for December 1st! Still looking for a 100% smokefree home? Two, and two + den suites still available at Fallowfield...

Now Announcing - THRIVE townhomes

Aug 1,  2014

We are happy to announce our newest project in London - Thrive Townhomes! These luxury rental town houses will all feature 3 bedrooms, a 1-car garage, and 2.5 bathrooms.  Located at 705 Freeport Street (just off of Fanshawe Park Road, near Hyde Park Road), occupancy is expected for Winter 2014. For more information when it becomes available, please call our London rental agent, Pat, at 519-868-7200.

The Wisteria --- NOW RENTING!

Apr 23,  2014

We are happy to announce, with today's first open house, The Wisteria is officially opened!  The Wisteria is our last building at The Royal Gardens, and features large rental suites to suit your needs.  In addition, these rental apartments feature luxury touches such as granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. With the great first day turn out, there remains 2 bedroom and 2 + den suites for both June 1st and August 1st occupancy. If you didn't get a chance to...

100 Plains Road Apartment Occupancy

Jan 24,  2014

We are happy to announce expected occupancy for our newest, and final building, at The Royal Gardens in Burlington. 100 Plains Road West has an expected occupancy date of May 1st for floors 2-6, and July 1st for the remaining floors. Please contact us for more information as it becomes available.

Follow us on Twitter!

Dec 2,  2013

We are now on Twitter!  Please follow us for some apartment vacancies and important information. London Burlington Kitchener Sarnia Woodstock

100 Plains Road Update

Nov 25,  2013

Anticipation is mounting for our newest building at The Royal Gardens in Burlington! 100 Plains Road has an anticipated occupancy of March-April 2014.  Please email us to be added to the list for future announcements and additional information! Additionally, there will be ground floor, commercial space available!

Views from our latest Apartment Tower in Kitchener

Oct 25,  2013

We are excited to give you a preview of the spectacular views from our newest construction project -- New student apartment rentals for Conestoga College at 200 Old Carriage Drive! More details will follow as they become available.  For now, enjoy the views of the beautiful Kitchener region.

Fallowfield Towers II NEW MODEL SUITES!

Sep 10,  2013

Come visit our two new, furnished, model suites at Fallowfield Towers II!  The Balsam and The Linden are now open for viewing, daily from 10 am - 6 pm. Many units are still available to rent, with floors 7-12 available for occupancy October 1st!  Come see your new home!

Fallowfield Towers NEW MODEL SUITES!

Jul 10,  2013

Come visit our two new, furnished, model suites at Fallowfield Towers!  The Cedar and The Linden are now open for viewing, daily from 10 am - 6 pm. Many units still available for rent in Kitchener's FIRST NON-SMOKING building!  Come see your new home!

Fallowfield Towers II NOW RENTING!

Jun 28,  2013

Fallowfield Towers II is the newest apartment rental tower in Kitchener, Ontario!  Fallowfield Towers II is the second tower in the new Fallowfields subdivision.  Fallowfields Tower II is twelve stories and has 1 bedroom, 1 bedroom plus den, 2 bedroom, and 2 bedroom plus den apartment suites for rent.  The rent includes access to the future fitness/amentity complex which contains a fully equipped exercise/fitness room, an indoor saltwater pool, whirlpool, and sauna.  The...

Fallowfield Towers NOW RENTING! Kitchener's first NON-SMOKING Apartment Rental Building!

Nov 22,  2012

Fallowfield Towers is the newest apartment rental tower in Kitchener, Ontario and is Kitchener's FIRST completely NON-SMOKING building!  Fallowfield Towers is the first tower in the new Fallowfields subdivision.  Fallowfields Tower is twelve stories and has 1 bedroom, 1 bedroom plus den, 2 bedroom, and 2 bedroom plus den apartment suites for rent.  The rent includes access to the future fitness/amentity complex which contains a fully equipped exercise/fitness room, an indoor...

The Cypress is NOW renting! Burlington's Second NON-Smoking Apartment Rental Tower

Oct 10,  2012

 The Cypress is the newest apartment rental tower in Burlington, Ontario and is a completely NON-Smoking building!  The Cypress is the sixth tower of seven in the Royal Gardens complex.  The Cypress is seven stories and has 1 bedroom, 1 bedroom plus den, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom apartment suites for rent.  The rent includes access to the already built fitness/amentity complex which contains a fully equipped exercie/fitness room, an indoor saltwater pool and whirlpool, sauna,...

2012 LHBA's ACE Awards

Oct 9,  2012

Drewlo Holdings is proud to announce that our Villa Park Place at 1024 Commissioners Road West has been named the Best Residential High Rise in the 2012 London Home Builders Association ACE Awards.   The ACE awards recognise the best in London's housing industry.  To see a full list of all ACE Awards nomines and winners, please see the LHBA website.        

Burlington's Newest apartment rental is now Launching

May 19,  2012

 The Aster is the newest apartment rental tower in Burlington, Ontario!  The Aster is the fifth tower of seven in the Royal Gardens complex.  The Aster is seven stories and has 1 bedroom, 1 bedroom plus den, 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom apartment suites for rent.  The rent includes access to the already built fitness/amentity comples which contains a fully equipped exercie/fitness room, an indoor saltwater pool and whirlpool, sauna, and billiard and ping pong tables.  The...

Drewlo Holdings wins Outstanding Energy Saver Business 2012 in London Ont

Feb 24,  2012

 London's Mayor Joe Fontana and the Honourable Chris Bentley, Energy Minister, present Drewlo Holdings with the Mayor's Energy Council's Outstanding Energy Saver Business award.  Drewlo Holdings, a London based builder and property manager of over 7,000 rental apartment units retrofitted its portfolio with energy saving light fixtures and achieved annual savings of 1,900 KW and 770 tonnes of CO2.


Jan 28,  2012

 Villa Park Place is now renting 1 & 2 bedroom apartments for March in lovely Bryon at 1024 Commissioners Road West. It's large spacious 9' ceiling NON-SMOKING apartments are located right across from Springbank Park. This will be the second Non-Smoking apartment rental building we have in London.  The suites contain five appliances, including washer and dryer.  The well designed eat-in kitchen includes 3 stainless steel appliances with solid granite counter tops....

Apartment building opts for smoke-free

Jul 29,  2011

 By Chris Montanini of the Londoner   There's no room for smoking at 70 Capulet Lane, a new apartment building in west London being billed as the city's first "smoke-free" apartment complex. "When we realized it was legally available to us we decided to give it a shot and we're quite happy that we did it, it's been quite successful," said Allan Drewlo, vice president of Drewlo Holdings, the local company behind 70 Capulet and three other buildings in Capulet...

The Azalea NOW RENTING in Burlington

Jul 7,  2011

We are now renting the newest tower at the Royal Gardens, the Azalea at 110 Plains Road.  This is the fourth tower of seven towers in this project.  With luxury one, two & three bedroom non-smoking apartments, this  development is Burlington's first completely non-smoking building.


COMING SOON! Luxury London Apartments

Feb 3,  2011

Luxury living at its best! One and two bedroom apartments to feature five in-suite appliances including washer and dryer, large windows and patio doors, high ceilings and upgraded kitchens, underground controlled-access parking.