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What does Drewlo Holdings require me to bring when I fill out an application?

In order to complete an application, the Drewlo Holdings building manager requires the prospective resident to have: valid photo identification, a money order or bank draft for the last month's rent, a post dated cheque for the first month's rent, a void cheque to arrange for automatic rent withdraws, and proof of income (ie: pay stubs, letter of employment stating yearly income, T4, or Notice of Assessment from Income Tax).

Are there any utilities included in my rent?

What utilities are included in your rent will be indicated on the building's page, under the main photo. Typically, heat and water are included. 

Is the rent quoted on drewloholdings.com the rent for all of the apartments of that style?

On each of our building pages rental amounts are found as a "starting from" base rent, or as a range for a specific rental apartment style.  Rent for each of our apartment suites are calculated based on: floor level, view, square footage, and amenities and upgrades (ie: granite or renovations).

Do I need renter's/tenant's insurance?

Drewlo Holdings does require our residents to provide proof of Liability Insurance for no less than $1,000,000.  A copy of your proof of coverage must be given to the building manager prior to receiving the keys to your unit.  This proof of Liability Insurance must show the tenant's name, effective date, address (including unit number) insured, and coverage amount.  Additionally, we recommend that our residents have Content Insurance for their personal belongings, as Drewlo Holdings does not cover it.

Does Drewlo offer furnished apartments?

Drewlo Holdings does not offer furnished apartments for rent. However, to those looking for furnished apartments in Kitchener/Waterloo, London, or Sarnia, we do suggest Executive Accommodations (linked) as they have furnished units in our apartment buildings.

How do I arrange a viewing of a Drewlo apartment building or townhome community?

In order to arrange a viewing, please call the phone number listed on the building page for the specific building or community you're interested in.  Alternatively, for any of our London properties, you can contact our citywide rental agent, Pat at 519-868-7200.

Is there a listing of the currently available units available on drewloholdings.com?

For the most up-to-date information on what rental apartment suites are available, please call the individual building, fill out the email contact form, or follow the Twitter account for the city that you're interested in – Burlington, Kitchener, London, Sarnia, Woodstock.

Is parking available?  Is it at any additional cost?

Parking is available at all of our apartment buildings.  The price for parking varies between buildings, and the type of parking available (ie: indoor, outdoor, or covered).  The pricing details are outlined on each individual building page, please contact the building manager for the specific details about parking type and availability.

How do I make a request for maintenance?

At Drewlo Holdings, we are proud to have a top-notch maintenance crew.  If you find that you require maintenance in your unit, please contact your building manager.  With your building manager, the proper work order request forms can be filled out, the building manager will troubleshoot your issue and then send the work order onto maintenance.  Once your building manager has filled out a work order, but your issue has not been resolved or there is not a timeline in place to resolve issue within 48 hours, please feel free to inquire on the status of your maintenance request by sending us a message.

If you require immediate maintenance, the building manager is available for emergency situations and basic maintenance.

How do I set up my cable, telephone, or Internet?  Are satellite dishes allowed?

Cable, telephone, or Internet can be set up through Bell, Rogers, or Cloud Wifi

Drewlo Holdings does not allow the installation of satellite dishes on balconies.  Satellite television services are available through Bell for the entire building.

An emergency came up, can I transfer/assign my lease?

If you have to leave your lease before your one-year term is up, please refer to section 15 of your lease.  Contact your building manager, and it is your responsibility as the current tenant to find someone to take over the lease.  The prospective tenant must agree to take the unit "as is", and be approved by our lease administration team.  There is a $250 administration fee charged for assigning your lease.