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Downtown London Ontario Apartments

Nov 27,  2017

Are you looking for Downtown London Ontario Apartments? This article is for you. Living in the heart of the city can be affordable. Be close to Restaurants, Stores, Entertainment & everything downtown London has to offer. Each building is packed with amenities like Fitness Centres, Indoor Pools, Saunas, Covered Parking & Secured Access.

Drewlo Buildings Perfect for Western Students

Nov 27,  2017

  You're a Western student and you're looking for an affordable place to live. Take a look at the Drewlo buildings close to the University or at most one bus away. Each building is packed with amenities and some are steps away to grocery stores and restaurants. We have 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedrooms available at different times of year. Keep checking with us to hear about upcoming availability by emailing rental@drewloholdings.com or the listed building...

Tenant Tips: Caring for your en suite Washer and Dryer

Nov 21,  2017

  Caring for your en suite Washer and Dryer Maintenance of your washer and dryer every few months will lead to your clothes coming out cleaner. After many loads of laundry, the inside of your washing machine can get built up residues of dirt and detergent. The inside of your dryer can also get a buildup of lint, dust and dirt.   Here are a few tips for cleaning your washer and dryer. 1.    Clean the outside of your washer and dryer with a damp...

Tenant Tip Tuesday: Prevent Condensation Buildup in Windows

Nov 7,  2017

  Winter is coming! Time to get warm and cozy up with a good book or catch up on Netflix! However, as you turn up the heat in your apartment be mindful of the condensation that builds up on your windows. That condensation is caused by the humidity in your apartment. Continuous condensation in your windows will eventually lead to water damage and mold at the base of your window.    Here's what you can do to prevent condensation build up in your...