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Earth Day 2018

Apr 22,  2018

  We're Conserving Energy in our Buildings! We're celebrating Earth Day this year at each of our apartment buildings! This year we managed to change 224 471 CFL light bulbs to LED Lighting. That change helped conserve more than 1 million watts in energy!  Additionally, we changed our parking lot lighting fixtures to LED fixtures that consume less than half the amount of energy! Let us know what you'd like to see us do next year by sending your suggestions to...

Tenant Tip Tuesday: Cigarettes

Apr 17,  2018

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash It is important to NEVER dispose cigarettes off your balcony.  If you choose to smoke on your balcony, use an ashtray and either bring the ashtray inside or cover it so the wind does not blow the ashes and butts off your balcony. Discarding cigarettes off the balcony, on the ground or on someone else's property is littering and it can be dangerous. Cigarettes that are still burning can melt plastic & are often the cause of balcony...

President and founder of Drewlo Holdings, Eugen Drewlo, passes away at 86

Apr 10,  2018

  Eugen Drewlo provided homes to thousands of Ontarians since 1958.  We are deeply saddened to announce that Eugen Drewlo passed away on Friday, March 30. Behind all of Drewlo Holdings' achievements was Eugen's vision and drive. Since founding the company in 1958, Eugen constructed numerous landmarks across Southwestern Ontario and provided homes to thousands of residents, but Eugen's greatest love was his family. He is survived by his son, Allan. Our hearts go...

Tenant Tip Tuesday: Door Safety

Apr 3,  2018

  "We take our residents' safety very seriously"   It is important to NEVER open the door for strangers. We take our residents' safety very seriously here at Drewlo and we want to keep you, your fellow residents, and your possessions secure.    Please do not feel you are being rude by not allowing strangers into your building. Letting people you do not know or have not seen before into a building can be a major safety issue....