Tenant Tip Tuesday: Temperatures

May 8 2018
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Summer has arrived, and with it comes the heat. Thankfully, your Drewlo apartment is equipped with a chiller.*

Your building uses a chiller to cool the building and a hot water boiler to heat it. However, these systems are mutually exclusive which means they cannot operate at the same time. It takes a couple weeks to switch over from one system to the other. We are currently proceeding to prepare to have the chillers operational and shut down the boilers. 

All building chillers are scheduled to be operating before the May long weekend. 

We ask for your patience in waiting for the chillers to be brought online. We would like to assure you that the comfort of our tenants is paramount and apologize for any discomfort this necessary seasonal changeover may cause.  

Here are some tips to stay cool until the chiller is activated:

  • Keep your blinds closed (on hotter days direct sun rays can heat up your apartment) 
  • Buy blackout curtains to block sunlight (consider neutral-coloured curtains with plastic liners)
  • Use a room fan to circulate the air throughout the room
  • Turn on exhaust fans after showering or cooking (hot air rises so this will pull the hot air out of your apartment)
  • Let night air in (temperatures can drop during the night. Utilize your room fan to create a cross breeze)
  • Switch the bulbs in your floor lamps to LEDs as they emit less heat 
  • Drink cold refreshing liquids (this will help cool your body down)


*Some Drewlo buildings have individual AC units in each suite. Those can be used as soon as the covers are removed by management.