Tenant Tip Tuesday: Cooking Grease and Oil

Aug 15 2017

We've all been there, cooked up a great meal but then now what to do with all of the grease and oil?  You have a few options, and none of them are pouring them down the sink!


Disposable Cup or Tin Can

A disposable cup or tin can is one of the easiest and most accessible solutions for many people.  Pour grease into the cup or tin, let it cool and solidify, and dispose with the rest of your waste.

Reuse for later cooking

In many culturally traditional meals, pork or chicken grease is used to cook other foods.  Save your used grease in an air tight container or mason jar in your fridge or freezer for future use!

Use a store bought grease trapper

Many home gadget stores have a variety of grease trapping systems.  Many of these systems have a container that can be kept near where you cook with a heat resistant bag inside to contain the grease for disposal.


Pour grease into any drain

Pouring grease into your drains causes pipes to clog and a variety of inconvenient and costly issues to happen.  This can include: decreased water pressure and flooding.

A tenant's sink that has backed up due to blocked pipes from improper food waste disposal