Tenant Tips: Patching Nail Holes in Drywall

Jan 9 2018
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Here are Drewlo we encourage you to personalize your unit. Hanging your favourite photos & art can be easily done using picture hanging nails (check the load capacity of the nails to ensure they can hold the weight of your picture). Whenever you decide to reposition your photos you can easily patch the holes in the wall using these steps:

What you'll need:

Wall Scraper, Drywall Sanding Block, Drywall Patching Spackle, Paint Brush & Wall Paint

Here's what to do: 

-         Scrape away loose debris from the hole using a scraper 

-         Push the hole in so that it is not sticking out from the wall 

-         Cover the hole with fast-drying spackle and a scraper. Make sure the spackle is even with the drywall surface

-         Leave it to dry for 24 hours

-         Sand smooth using a drywall sanding block

-         Repaint if necessary. Contact your Building Supervisor and they will recommend the paint colour Drewlo uses

Tutorial Video:



Drewlo DOES NOT allow large modifications to be made to drywall in your unit. If you need to repair a large hole in your drywall please contact your Building Supervisor.